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Hu Chunhua, Vice-Premier of the State Council, Spoke Highly of the Development of Wanxiang and Encouraged Lu Weiding: I Hope You Can Do Better



On July 26, Hu Chunhua, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Vice-Premier of the State Council, paid a visit to Wanxiang, speaking highly of the development of Wanxiang and encouraged Lu Weiding: " I hope you can do better!" 

In Wanxiang's precision and intelligent manufacturing workshop, Lu Weiding briefed the development of Wanxiang. Over the past 49 years, Wanxiang based its development of products evolving from fittings, auto fittings, auto parts to parts on quality. Quality is the key to competitiveness of an enterprise on market, indicating irreplaceability of its products. An enterprise will be inevitably influenced by change but it will have stable and promote development so long as it has high abilities of risk resistance and sustainable development. Hu Chunhua inquired about the international development of Wanxiang in detail, and Che Jun, Secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Committee of CPC, who accompanied Hu said: "Wanxiang has founded 26 enterprises in the U.S., which I paid a visit to last year. Wanxiang now has the initiative. First of all, it has an irreplaceable advantage in time; secondly, it has gone out and employed 18,000 local residents in the U.S. And half of branded cars made in North America use its auto parts.". 

Lu Weiding then reported that Wanxiang also developed clean energy after auto parts. " Which sector of new energy are you involved in?" asked Hu Chunhua with concern. "We mainly start with batteries--from start/stop batteries, energy storage batteries to power batteries followed by control systems," answered Lu Weiding. “In addition to batteries, Wanxiang is engaged in electric vehicles as well, and electric vehicles as well as electric buses are made in the U.S. 

During the visit, Pan Wenbiao, Vice General Manager of Wanxiang Qianchao, introduced the basic information about the intelligent workshop. Put into operation in 2015 for filling in the gap in China by substituting imported products, the workshop is mainly used for making auto hub and bearing units. It mainly makes auxiliary products for VW, GM, Audi, Benz and BMW among other top brands. The intelligent workshop is wholly robotic and makes light-free production and on-line testing, which is quick, qualified, cost-saving and efficient. At present, another 10 assembly lines had been put into operation in Taizhou, Jiangsu, with annual capacity of 40 million sets, which ranked the top 5 in the world and with the goal of becoming the top 3 in the world. Hu Chunhua carefully listened and repeatedly nodding for praise. He marveled from the bottom of heart: "Your enterprise does have made unremitting efforts in development." 

In the battery area at the aisle of workshop, Chen Jun, Vice President of Wanxiang Group, briefed the battery development. Wanxiang has founded 8 R&D and manufacturing bases on a global scale through independent R&D and international M&A since it started battery development in late 1990s. Hu Chunhua was very concerned about energy density, charging technology, global technical development and current technical capacity of Wanxiang among other battery-related issues which were reported by Chen Jun at length. "The most mature product in Wanxiang at the moment is low-voltage start/stop battery whose orders have totaled over RMB 30 billion Yuan," said Lu Weiding. In order to make a radical movement to technical development in batteries, Wanxiang works together with Argonne National Laboratory in the U.S. 

Hu Chunhua highly recognized the development of Wanxiang. "The enterprise is really well developed. Among a mass of private enterprises, few enterprises can keep developing and expanding. Wanxiang does very well. If all township and village enterprises can do as well as you do, we would have become a developed country," said Hu Chunhua. Hu Chunhua spoke highly of Lu Guanqiu, the Founder and President of the Board of Wanxiang. "Your father was amazing in two aspects. First of all, he held firm to one thing--to well run the enterprise; secondly, he trained you to be a good successor and fulfilled a steady handover," said Hu Chunhua. Hu Chunhua gave an encouragement to Lu Weiding: "I hope you can do better!" By reading the report materials, Hu Chunhua noticed Lu Guanqiu Sannong Spiritual Support Fund. Lu Weiding made an introduction to Lu Guanqiu Sannong Spiritual Support Fund, which considered to be a charitable trust founded and named in memory of Mr. Lu Guanqiu, which is in line with his feelings and prospects and in compliance with intrinsic state of mind, intuition and conventional humanistic and cultural commonsense. The trust properties and earnings are wholly used for the purpose of charity, which his family members are not entitled to. The fund aims to: develop the countryside, modernize agriculture, enrich farmers, make influential investment, and give priority to those fighting to perform real deeds subject to their abilities. The fund will act on the philosophy of Lu Guanqiu--"dispersing wealth to everyone can unite people's hearts, gathering wealth will lose support of others, making money without doing evil, using money with joy, mutual benefits and creating and sharing wealth together and carry forward the struggling spirit of "telling the truth and doing practical things" The fund will be permanent in existence. "OK. You'd better fulfill the last wish of your father," advised Hu Chunhua. 

The entourage of the visit also included Fu Ziying, China International Trade Representative and Vice Minister of Commerce , Gao Yu, member of the Party Leadership Group of the State Council, Che Jun, Secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Committee of CPC, Yuan Jiajun, Governor of the People's Government of Zhejiang Province, Chen Jinbiao, member of the Standing Committee and Secretary-General of the Zhejiang Provincial Committee of CPC, Zhou Jiangyong, member of the Standing Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial Committee of CPC and Secretary of the Hangzhou Municipal Committee of CPC, Zhu Congjiu, Vice Governor of the People's Government of Zhejiang Province, Chen Xin, Secretary-General of the People's Government of Zhejiang Province, Gao Yi, Deputy Secretary-General of the People's Government of Zhejiang Province, Sheng Qiuping, Head of the Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province, Xu Ming, member of the Standing Committee and Secretary-General of the Hangzhou Municipal Committee of CPC and Wang Min, District Mayor of Xiaoshan District etc. Wanxiang’s Guan Dayuan, Fu Zhifang, Xu Xiaojian, Li Pingyi etc. accompanied the visit. 


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