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Carrying Forward the Craftsmanship Spirit and Pursuing Innovative Developments YU Yuemin and ZHENG Rongsheng Carry out Researches on “Hangzhou Craftsmen” in Wanxiang



On the 10th day of August, YU Yuemin, director of the Standing Committee of Hangzhou Municipal People’s Congress, led a research team to carry out a special research and hold a symposium to exchange work experiences in respect of “Hangzhou Craftsmen” in Wanxing. LU Weiding accompanied them to visit the Wanxiang New Energy Exhibition Hall, and introduced the development of Wanxiang Group and the planning progress of Wanxiang Innovation & Energy-gathering City. YU thought highly of Wanxiang, praising that Wanxiang not only produced quality products but cultivated excellent employees as an “old pioneer” that keeps making new developments.

During the visit, the research team also debriefed Wanxiang about “Party members handle concrete affairs in a down-to-earth manner”, “four ten-thousand project” and other party building work. Thereafter, the team held a special symposium to discuss on the affirmation, management, service and the subsequent work arrangement of “Hangzhou Craftsmen”. At the symposium, the team listened to the work reports from Hangzhou Federation of Trade Unions and the introduction of Wanxiang’s craftsmen training mechanism, and meanwhile had in-depth discussion on the proposal of establishing a craftsman festival, how to give a full play to the functions of craftsmen, and other contents with the representatives of Hangzhou craftsmen. The symposium was hosted by ZHENG Rongsheng, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Hangzhou Municipal People’s Congress and president of Hangzhou Federation of Trade Unions.

After witnessing the development of Wanxiang and hearing relevant reports and discussion at the symposium, YU highly appreciated the development of Wanxiang Group. She said that Wanxiang had always taken a lead as an “old pioneer” in coordinating labor relations. This time when she came to Wanxiang again she saw new development and new changes in the innovative development, cultural cultivation, and talent cultivation of Wanxiang, including the undertaking of social responsibility. As an “old pioneer”, Wanxiang is now more cohesive inwardly and more competitive outwardly. It is not easy for an old enterprise to be energetic, creative and evergreen. Wanxiang has kept advancing with the times to establish and cultivate its staff team and integrated the enterprise spirit with many connotation of the times. Yu claimed that this investigation inspired her a lot.

YU also made comments on the speech of each addressor at the symposium one by one, saying that the proposal of establishing a Hangzhou Craftsman Festival, which was put forward by deputies to Hangzhou Municipal People’s Congress, was both creative and meaningful as it conformed to not only the value orientation of the times but the urban characteristics and innovative practice of Hangzhou. She praised, HU Zhiming from Wanxiang Qianchao, winner the second session of “Hangzhou Craftsmen”, for his persistence in 23 years during which time he cultivated 16 apprentices. It was a perfect reflection of craftsmanship spirit, which was featured with constant striving, unceasing pursuit of excellence, professional dedication, honesty, innovation and inheritance. What was worth mentioning was that Wanxiang created an excellent environment and provided a growth platform for its staff and meanwhile granted performance evaluation and awards to technical improvement projects, so as to inspire the staff to learn skills and research on new technologies, which YU said that she was deeply impressed with.

At present, we need to carry forward the craftsmanship spirit, cultivate the craftsman culture, deepen researches and argumentation, and strengthen the practice connection. To fulfill the “China Dream” of realizing the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation, we need talents of all walks of life as well as large quantities of skilled craftsmen. Through this research, all the members of the research team agree that it is necessary to do a good job of the “Hangzhou Craftsmen” and build it into a golden name card of Hangzhou.

Having stuck to the development ideas of “Respecting Labor and People First” during the past 49 years ever since the establishment of the Group, Wanxiang not only realizes its development objective of “ten-fold business volume in the next 10 years”, but also makes the craftsmanship spirit take root and eventually flourish and prosper. Under the new situation and new normal, Wanxiang will continue conducting labor competitions, carrying forward and inheriting the craftsmanship spirit, working hard to enhance the enterprise development and sparing no efforts to build the Wanxiang Innovation & Energy-gathering City.

RUAN Chongxin, WANG Hui and MING Qiqiang from the Standing Committee of Hangzhou Municipal People’s Congress, WU Rencai, secretary of the Party Committee of Hangzhou Federation of Trade Unions, WENG Zhengying and YING Manhong, vice-chairmen of Hangzhou Federation of Trade Unions, ZHANG Wei and LI Yuening, winners of the first session of “Hangzhou Craftsmen”, HU Zhiming and CHEN Fa, winners of the second session of “Hangzhou Craftsmen”, and YANG Yanle, chairman of the labor union of Wanxiang Group also attended the symposium.


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