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Wanxiang Launches Optimizing Manufacturing Processes with Artificial Intelligence (OMPAI) Testbed Project


The Optimizing Manufacturing Processes with Artificial Intelligence(OMPAI) Testbed project guided by Wanxiang was approved by the technicians of Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) on 9th May, making it the world’s one of the 27 approved industrial internet test bed project.

Wanxiang Group officially launched OMPAI testbed project at the quarterly meeting of IIC held in Helsinki, Finland on 22nd May, showing not only large-scale Chinese manufacturing enterprises’ development ideas and technical strengths in solving problems such as industrial product defect detection, product process parameter optimization, predictive maintenance of production equipment, and production line cycle balancing but also our vision to build a common ecosystem, which received the recognition and attention of the domestic and foreign expert representatives present.

Wanxiang said, “As a leading multinational corporation in automotive and renewable energy, with factories in Europe, North America and Asia, we believe that an industrial IoT platform will be a key enabler for our digital transformation and global synergy. We are glad to work with technology leaders to validate AI, edge-cloud collaborative computers, and high-speed cellular networks to optimize manufacturing productivity and quality. This is the first step toward an open, inclusive IIoT platform on which we will continue with further testbeds, incorporating new ideas, new data usage models and creating greater value add. We invite worldwide enterprises, innovators and entrepreneurs to enrich the ecosystem together.”

OMPAI testbed project is a kind of realization of the innovative technology of Wanxiang industrial internet platform, which is a digital economic platform of Wanxiang Innovation & Energy-gathering City mainly facing global innovators and entrepreneurs. Supported by the vision of opening up the industrial scene of Wanxiang and the construction of Wanxiang Innovation & Energy-gathering City, the platform aims to build an industrial internet digital ecosystem with contribution and shared benefits.

Centering on the whole process of industrial design, industrial manufacturing and industrial service and based on the group’s 50-year accumulation in manufacturing Wanxiang industrial internet platform applies an integrated development mode involving large, medium and small-sized enterprises to conduct the ecological construction of enterprises cloud, business cloud and industrial App aiming at the bottleneck of the informatization of enterprises.

Wanxiang Group is a council member of Alliance of Industrial Internet, member of IIC, member of Linux Foundation (Linux is the world’s largest open source operating system), and council member of EdgeX Foundry, a world-leading edge computing alliance. The technology industry alliances encourage all the members to develop technology white paper, standardized suggestions and other achievements by carrying out testbed work based on new technology so as to promote global technological innovation. Wanxiang has been positively taking part in the organization and management of the alliance’s work groups including testbed, industrial App, industrial blockchain etc.

Website of OMPAI testbed project on IIC official website is: https://www.iiconsortium.org/optimizing-manufacturing-processes.htm. This is an open testbed project facing global partners. We welcome any enterprise that has the courage to innovate and explore to join in this project to construct testbed and we also expect industrial enterprises to open your typical industrial scenes to help us extensively verify Wanxiang industrial internet platform’s ability in promoting production efficiency and quality. For cooperation or consultation, please contact jijun.ma@wxciv.com.

IIC (Industrial Internet Consortium) is an international industrial internet organization with over 250 members all over the world, including many heavyweight enterprises in industrial and IT fields. The approval of OMPAI testbed by IIC indicates that Wanxiang, together with our partners, has made positive contribution to the development of industrial internet and gained preliminary achievements. It is expected to have a significant impact on the future of manufacturing in China and even the whole world.


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