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My Beloved Father


My father did not like bothering others at all in his lifetime. He must have not expected that his death still brought trouble to everyone. Today's traffic jam, everyone's sadness in these 6 days, and the commemoration, mourning and yearning that are spontaneously poured out, are all like the most dazzling light after the summer rain shining on my father! His death brings the deepest pain to our family, to my mother, my sister, his grandchildren and me! My father was an ordinary person as a husband, a father and a grandfather; while as a man, God knows...he is the loveliest!

He even did not give me any agreed words or password. He should want me to get to know "Duke of Lu Interprets Dreams" myself! How much I want to find him; how much I want him to find me!

Everyone says that I've changed. Actually, the only change is that I have no father now. But still, I'll thank everyone for coming to say goodbye to him today!

At his last moment, I said to him: Dad, please tell me how I can find you, and how you can find me. I didn't like my father to come to find me before. But now, my father, he just doesn't look for us anymore!

My beloved father also taught me a way at last, which cost too much. What he said is like this, “Weiding, your mom has been following my way for 55 years as to what business I want to do and Wanxiang that I've been operating; as for issues at home, it is all up to your mom; this time, if I can't make it, just follow your mom’s command as to matters after I die; all the costs of my medical treatment and travel, including funeral, will be paid by the family, and your mom knows this; at that time, the staff in Wanxiang will surely make commemoration. As for how to do it, everything will be subject to the decisions between you and the company's senior executives, and your mother will understand it; keep everything simple for the funeral, do not ask for anything from the organization and obey every instruction of the organization." Later, I summarized his words as “seven-everything”. 

My beloved father created a high per capita income, but he did not reach the average life expectancy himself. It seems that riches and property are useless, only the pursuit of honorable spirit and value is more meaningful. At the end of July when I visited him in the USA, he told me about his consideration. He said, “Exploration is necessary, and science and technology are good as they can create miracles. Technology will not be synchronized with life, and it cannot. Since their synchronization will bring human the chaos. People are destined to die, and have to face any medical risks. I want to live to finish the things that I haven't done yet. If God gives me more time, that would be better; but if not, you'll also have to face it. I've been working 16 hours a day. If counted by 8 hours' working in a day, I must have lived over 120 years, which made me who I am today”. This is my beloved father!

On my flight back to China, I finally realized, during the 7 years from 1962 to 1969, how that 4,000 yuan which created Wanxiang came!

He was the most optimistic when faced with the greatest difficulty; he was most the cautious when faced with the most moment of glory; he made no demand when faced with the greatest demand; in time of losing everything, he was still concerned about the pain of others... Now, my beloved father, you are having a real rest. A day of rest for a fighter turns out to be like this! How much pain you give us and what should my mom do? You asked me to care more about my mom, but I am sorry, because I haven't thought of a better way to take care of her. You told me to listen to my wife Li Li as to the family issues, take good care of my three sisters, and make sure the two grandsons become kind-hearted persons as they would have a bright future.

My father's devotion has always made me think that Wanxiang, which he created, is his "son" and my brother. After he completed his first treatment, he worked very hard in the year after he restored his health. His speeches, Strictly and Endlessly Cultivate the Morality, Write a New Chapter by Working Hard to Promote Business delivered on July 1, 2015, Clean Energy Leads the Internationalized Wanxiang to Fully Speed up on July 8, 2015, Stick to Responsibility and Show Value on January 30, 2016, Keep Pace with the Times, Be a Qualified Party Member on June 29, 2016, Opportunities of the Times Are Waiting for Us on July 8, 2016, etc. made it seem that he was racing against time to arrange the future of Wanxiang! Whenever his was in danger during treatment, he considered more, not about me, his son, but about the so-called "son" – Wangxiang. Finally, I realized that Wangxiang was his "elder son". In the face of his leaving, he was trying his best to leave a better Wangxiang, to us, and to everyone!

July 8 of this year was Wangxiang's birthday, and his life had almost been at an end, but he still insisted on giving video speech, taking Be the Brave One Who Creates History as his topic, he put forward three requirements: first, go out of the "comfort zone"; second, start from "zero"; third, be the brave one who creates history. It almost exhausted his last effort! By the end of September, the medical team and we created a miracle – he got better again. Once again he poured his remaining energy into Wanxiang and published an article named We Have No Reason to Miss Opportunities of the Times, asking us to have faith in him and his health. Finally, I figured out that the password is here!

My beloved father, by gathering his precious fragments of time together, determined Wanxiang's strategy of the brave: batteries, electric vehicles, innovative energy-gathered city, the applied science and engineering research institutions. 

(Address at Lu Guanqiu's Memorial Service ,Lu Weiding)


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