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Provincial Secretary Che Jun Mourned Comrade Lu Guanqiu


On the afternoon of Oct. 26, the Provincial Secretary, Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress Che Jun came to Comrade Lu Guanqiu’s home and expressed his profound condolences to Comrade Lu Guanqiu’s passing away and sincere sympathy to his family members on behalf of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government. Secretary Che Jun asked about his family members’ working and living situations with concern, and recalled the scene of communicating with Comrade Lu Guanqiu when he investigated and surveyed in Wanxiang Group one year ago. Che Jun said that Comrade Lu Guanqiu was one of the first-generation entrepreneurs since Zhejiang’s reform and opening-up, and he made important contributions to Zhejiang’s reform and opening-up, as well as the economic and social development. He is a model of outstanding Zhejiang entrepreneur spirit, and we should learn from him in many aspects. He hoped that private entrepreneurs in the province would uphold Zhejiang Spirit to continue to carry forward the fine style of work of our older generation of entrepreneurs, and make new and greater achievements in developing enterprises, serving the society and our country. Comrade Lu Guanqiu’s family members expressed sincere gratitude to the concern of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, and said that they would turn sorrow into strength, and pick up the baton from the old generation to promote the better and the faster development of the enterprise, so as to return the care of the party and the government, as well as to return the attention and the support of the society. Member of Standing Committee of CPC Provincial Committee and Secretary of Hangzhou Municipal Committee Zhao Yide, Member of Standing Committee of CPC Provincial Committee and Secretary-general Chen Jinbiao, Deputy Secretary of Hangzhou Municipal Committee and Mayor Xu Liyi, and the Deputy of Provincial United Front Work Department and director of Provincial Party Group for Federation of Industry and Commerce Xu Xu, etc. accompanied Che to express condolence and concern.


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